Moving slowly forward towards a new normal

So, as I wrap up this trip to Jersey, I see signs of normalcy returning — like mom tonight: fell sound asleep while watching Monday night football on the TV and a basketball...

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Team Jersey help

Volunteers Help Tear Down Walls and Lift Up Spirits

We are so thankful for the kindness of friends, family and strangers. They say the demolition and remediation costs can run $10-20k. Well, thanks to our hardworking volunteers, we’ve almost completed the demolition...

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Tom’s Farm and today’s spirit sign

Ok, so every day there’s a sign of hope, right? Well, today, after a hard day’s work, Vinnie goes behind the backhouse to drain his dragon and lo and behold, what does he...

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Demolition and the persistence of Ants in the Pants

Ok, so demolition can be hard – physically and emotionally. With all the toxic fumes, you start to get dizzy, start seeing things. Well, as the Saturday volunteer crew did the first round...

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The things that can’t be replaced

It’s the things that can’t be replaced that are the hardest to throw away. When I asked Kris how it was going over at the Lucciola house,  she had a hard time responding....

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Demolition Women and a Family of Fighters

So, it’s been a week of deconstruction, sadness and backaches. After the frantic 2-hour do-all-you-can rush of day 1, Teri got to lead the day 2 efforts. A full 6 hours of toxic...

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Surveying damage, salvaging hope

It was the hardest day of my life. On Satruday, 11/10, mom and I won the ‘lottery’ and got to be two of the 200 people allowed back into Lavallette for a whopping...

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Donate to help your friends directly

There are a lot of great charities that are organizing relief efforts and we applaud their efforts. But many of us want to help the people we know personally to make sure that they have...

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VT media covering Lavallette

It’s not the most well-written article, but it gets some of the story out there. I’ve received a lot of notes of support from people in my Vermont hometowm of Moretown. Moretown was...

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Going in to Lav tomorrow to see the house

So, we just got word that we will get on the bus in to Lavallette tomorrow midday to see the house and grab what we can fit into a suitcase and carry-on. Mom...

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